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Armando Limon Acosta Jr. has spent 12 years professionally window tinting, the last ten of which were spent at a local Luxury car dealership in Las Vegas, where he started the Window Tint department and is in charge of in-house paint protection. Inspired by his own beginnings in the industry, author Armando Limon Acosta Jr. decided to write The Four Basic Steps in Window Tinting Your Car to help others who have been in a similar situation. Long before he became a professional, he was a normal high school student who wanted to tint his windows. However, it wasn’t until after he got a job at a local tint shop that he began to unravel the mysteries of window tinting. With an urge to help beginners, Acosta created this guide to ensure everyone would have a hands-on resource they could go to. These tips and tricks might have taken him years to learn, but with this amazing guide, beginners can learn them in no time.

Filled with priceless tips and step-by-step instructions, this remarkable guide will easily have beginners tinting their own windows in no time.




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